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Mgr.A. Dagmar Hrabalová - Smetanová

Individual exhibitions: 
Rožnov pod Radhoštěm 1992 
Němčice nad Hanou 1993
Trees and the sun      1995
Dissertation Fountain:
Size of a ceramic facing of the wall – 10x1 meter
Size of the fountain – 3 meters of superelevation 30 cm height
iroslav Hrabal
Collective exhibitions:
Fulnek 1991,92,95
Kujavy Galerie Grel 1993
Němčice nad Hanou 1993
Rožnov pod Radhoštěm 1993
Symposium Galerie Sýpka 1993
Competition for the cenotaph 
in Rožnov 
Competition for the fountain on a square in Rožnov 1998

He was born in 1965 in Šternberk. He finished primary school in Němčice nad Hanou.Then he was educated as a mechanic of electrotechnic equipment in Rožnov p. Radh. and in career he studied Secondary Electrotechnic School until 1991. During his studies he was a sound engineer in a non-professional rock band in his native place Haná. 

At the end of his studies he started to attend to drama in the non-professional ensemble S.O.S. and dance in a folklore ensemble Javořina.Thanks to theatre he met his wife and he started to help her with her ideas where more physical power was demanded and was difficult for one person.
In 1998 as an idea of his wife he started to organize ´Snow Kingdom´ snowmodelling. They continue in a succesful cooperation.

You can see the results of our cooperation at these pages.