Sand sculptures
  - Year 2004
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Author: Ak.soch. Jan Komárek
City: Radimovice u Velkých Popovic
State:. CZ
Born: 3.6.1964
School: SUPŠ Turnov,VŠVU Bratislava, AVU Praha (1991)
Sculpture name: Fantasy Empire

Academic sculptor Jan Komárek
With Dagmar Hrabalova and Igor Kitzberger he took part in the first year of Snow Kingdom – at the time in Rožnov p.R.. Since this time in other years of Snow Kingdom he created a lot of interesting snow sculptures e.g. „Hermit“, „Giant Head“ and this year last time in skiing resort Zadov in Šumava he created „Skier“ together with next participant of today symposium M. Kuzica. 


Stočená - manželé Hrabalovi
Author: Mgr.A.Dagmar Hrabalová-Smetanová
City: Rožnov
State:. CZ
Born: 6.9.1969
School: SUPŠ in Uherské Hradiště – ceramics atelier, VŠUP Praha – atelier of Ac. Sculptor prof.Václav Šerák, where in 1995 graduated as Magister artis (Mgr.A.)
Sculpture name: Rolled 

Mgr.A. Dagmar Hrabalová - Smetanová
Together with her husband Miroslav Hrabal she has taken place unique sculptural symposium since 1998 and now she starts a new period of sculptural symposiums. In her production she put the accent on colority and shape elegance. She enthrones meaning of colors in a landscape and is not afraid of changing realistic landscape for trancendence base feeling of space. 
Nowdays she is busy with color and dispositional designs of houses and flats including inside furniture and accesories. 


Author: Alena Teimerová
City: Lázně Bělohrad
State:. CZ
Born: 20.6.1961
School: SPŠK Hořice in Podkrkonoší 
- branch of stone sculptor
Sculpture name: Fire of sinners
Co-authors: Kateřina Krausová
A.Teimerová s týmem

Alena Teimerová
Like all other symposium participants she has experiences with work in the snow and ice from symposim in Russian federation in 1999– Sacha republic, where she created a sculpture „Gulag“ and „Without possibility“ – was awarded for nontraditional conception. Like the only one she has experiences with sand sculptures from international symposium in Moscow – Lužniky in 1998, there she created a sculpture „Winner“. Since 1991 she designs packages, company image, industrial design, facade and interiors, advertisements and computer graphics.


Milan Kuzica - Nevalná hromada
Author: Mgr. Milan Kuzica
City: Turčianské Teplice
State:. Slovakis
Born: 1962
School: VŠVU Bratislava (1991)
Sculpture name: Nevalná hromada

Mgr. Milan Kuzica
He is engaged in figural creation with accent on classic creation like Antique and Renaissance. During his production he is able to wake up non-seeing viewer by naturalistic design of female sex of sculpture and force him to take think about the work.