Sand sculptures
  - Year 2004
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"Dagi in the sand – Rožnov 2004" sand sculptures
The idea of husbands Hrabal from Art centre DAGI to create a new tradition of competition in sand sculptures was the first in Czech Republic. Similar actions are organized in many towns of seaside countries and in inland too, e.g. in Moscow. Sculptures had similar dimensions like snow sculptures, that means the diameter of base cylinder is 2,2 m, height is 2 m and weight about 11 tons. 
The project goal:

To start a new period in sculpture in the CR.

To propagate sculpture like an interesting graphic sphere.

To make conditions for summer sculpture actions with international attendance and international interchange.

To establish sculpture tradition in our region, which takes place nowhere else in the Czech Republic (as we know nowhere else in the neighbouring countries). One of inland towns where these actions are taken place is Moscow.

To make time balance of Snow Kingdom, which is taken place on Pustevny in January.

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