Snow Kingdom
  - Year 2003
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Snow Kingdom 2003
which took place form Thursday 9.1. to Sunday 12.3.2003 in Beskydy on the edge of skiing resort


From Thursday 9.1. to Sunday 12.1.2003 fifteen people created eleven sculptures on the edge of Pustevny. Further 30 children with their parents and teachers from private Primary School Sedmikráska worked on one of the sculpures.

This year very good artists have met again and they have created both abstract and realistic works. The quality of creating the sculptures was very high and even work of artists that they worked with the ice for the first time. Most of them managed to work up a size of material (the smallest diameter was 3 m, the height 2,5m, it makes 17 m3 and about 8 tons of material), which is a very hard work at a temperature between -18°C and -5°C.

The biggest success at the public had: “The Bears” by Eva Stodůlková, “The dragon” by the children from Sedmikráska (children participated for the first time), the only coloured sculpture “The Clown with a ball” by Dagmar Hrabalová and an ice bust of woman by Radim Surma. “Tumulus” with ice window panes by Marie Fulková, “A woman” by Tomáš Hřivnáč and “A bundle of handkerchief’ by Mirek Pošvic were great according to an art view.

For the first time ice sculptures were created. Radim Surma who started on Sunday, chose the place for installing an ice block (100x50x20cm ) right at the back side of “Ice bar” which corresponded with the aim of organizers.Unfortunately he had no calm to work, because his sculpture could be very easy identificated and was situated in the most frequent place on Pustevny. So many times he couldn`t get to his sculpture. It was impossible to take a photo of own work without other people.

We are glad our action was interesting for media and there were long and valuable reports in all main news on Czech TV and Slovak TV JOJ. We can say the same thing as for press.

Other sculptures were made by Honza Komárek and Dušan Filip Škrášek, they used another technique of the work and in the end the light refracted in their abstract works.

Total number of the sculptures was double than in the year 2002 and nearly triple compared to the beginnings. The weather was perfect and you could recognize the sculptures after 4 weeks, which was for the first time. Unfortunately not the weather but visitors affected their appearance. Children climbed the all works, also these where the climbing was impossible.During the first weekend, there were approximately 15000 visitors, so during the month it could be about 40 000 visitors. 5 million people watched it on TV. The action overcame all expectations as for level and size and it will not be easy to do it even better next year.