Snow Kingdom
  - Year 2005
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          Programm - Pustevny
              Snow Kingdom 2005 
         Modelling from snow and ice
Snow sculptures will be again created of snow cylinders (diameter 3 m, height 3 m) of huge size. This action takes place for the seventh time on Pustevny , for the second time on the other resorts in the Czech Republic and for the first time in Slovakia. We can make also ice blocks of sufficient quality, that is why the action can take place in every weather too. But main focus is still on snow sculptures. This year a competition will take place in all resorts and the winners in all resorts will have the prior right to participate in the main action on Pustevny in 2006.
Competition rules:
The competition will take place in all resorts. Jury will score 40 points for artistic impression, 20 points for the global impression, 20 points for technical level and 20 points for forming surface. 
The sculpture must be made only from material of the basic cylinder. The sculpture must be enlarged max. for 1 m in each side and 2 metres in height. Decision of the jury cannot be annuled.

Main action Pustevny – Beskydy
This year we expect eight snow and three ice sculptures as last year. Teams creating snow sculptures must include at least two members and ice sculptures only single person. This year participating of sculptors should be also presented in gallery in Rožnov p.R. and Valašské Meziříčí. We could take advantage of great numbers of sculptors that they would fill the gallery all year and we can show their activity to public.Media support is promised by radio Orion. 
Zadov – Šumava, Ostružná – Jeseníky, Javorový – Beskydy, Donovaly - Nízké Tatry
In these resorts the tradition of four snow sculptures will continue. We would like to increase the number of sculptures in all resorts.

In these resorts the action will take place according to this schedule:
8:00 – 16:00 preparing of snow cylinders in boarding by heavy technique (excavator, lorry)
16:00 arrival of sculptors to the resort
08:00 meeting of sculptors at the snow cylinders and start of work
08:00 finishing the sculptures, forming surface, colouring ( sculptures can be in colour)
16:00 finishing work 

On Pustevny the action lasts one day longer and it ends by announcement of winners.
All visitors can see beginning of new tradition. There are sculptors who are the masters of this branch.
Sculptures will be as big as in the world.
Last action on Pustevny was comparable to the world action as in Valoire – France, Breckenrige Colorado – USA, etc. 

Programme for season 2004/2005  

Skiing resorts Beskydy Pustevny Šumava Zadov Jeseníky  Ostružná Beskydy Javorový Donovaly
The first day
for public
13.1.2005 29.1.2005 4.2.2005 25.2.2005 4.3.2005
The second day
for public
16.1.2005 30.1.2005 5.2.2005 26.2.2005 5.3.2005
7 2 2 2 1
Participating states
Number of 
snow sculptures
10 4 4 4 4
of sculptors
10 4 4 4 4
of co-authors
12 4 4 4 4
radio Orion   Faktor, Gold, Eldorádio radio Rubi  radio ČAS radio FUN
Program on 
a place
radio Orion radio Faktor              
TV studio
TV Beskyd TV Gimi      TV Třinec      
Estimated number of visitors in thousands 20 3 2 1 3