Snow Kingdom
  - Year 2005
         Co připravujeme
         Program na Pustevnách
  Snow Kingdom 13.1.-16.1.2005 Pustevny 
Wednesday 12.1. 
15:00 beginning of exhibition in the gallery in Valašské Meziříčí
18:00 beginning of exhibition in the gallery in Rožnov p. Radh.
Thursday 13.1. 
start of sculptors` work – preparation
Friday 14.1. 
continuation of the sculptors` work
08.30 arrival to place and second control of original plans
16.30 finishing the day and departure to the hotel
Saturday 15.1. 
continuation of the sculptors` work
08.30 arrival to place and working. 
16:30 ending of works, departure to hotel
all day programme of a radio 
Sunday 16.1. 
continuation of sculptor`s work
08:30 arrival of sculptors in place and considering technique of final works
12:00 announcement of winners in sculptors competitons
13:00 final evalution with sponsors
all day programme of radio

During the weekend the ice club with tea, mull and first-rate spirits will be opened.
From experience of previous years we can say that if a temperature is slightly below zero, material processing will take at least two days of work by the whole team (approximately 10 tons of material).

From the instruments the best are:

  1. Barbed wire for long cut of plain surface
  2. Machetes for lopping and scraping
  3. Saw for YTONG for cutting short edges
  4. Brick scrape for facing surface
  5. Sprinkler or PET bottle with cut cap
  6. Wide or narrow shovels
  7. Ice axe on a handle
  8. Stepladder
  9. Iron rake

In January 2004 the action was seen by 20.000 onlookers at the first weekend and the others 30.000 onlookers in the next 3 weeks. Report was published in the main and other news on ČT1,ČT2,NOVA,PRIMA (cca 3.000.000 onlookers), local broadcast TV Beskyd, Emurfilm, in newspapers MF DNES ,Právo, SVODODA, BLESK etc. 

Aim of the project :

We would like to use interest of public and increase prestige of sculpturing. This year we intend to improve the main action on Pustevny in Beskydy, increase the number of foreign participants and stabilization in other resorts. We provide practical experiences to sculptors, which can take part in the similar actions in the world. We want to promote skiing resorts.