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The biggest ´Valaška´in the world!
The Valaška was made by Miroslav Hrabal. It was presented to the public on Monday 15.7.2002 at 19.00 in RS Bučina in Dolní Bečva, where it was made and is permanently exhibited.
Official measuring was done by the referee from Agency Good morning from Pelhřimov, which guarantee the Czech part of The Guiness Book of Records.

It has got these parameters:
Total height 413 cm
Height of iron part 118 cm
Total weight 56 kg
Valaška is composed of 2 parts: A handle
An axe
  Valaška s autorem a výrobcem   Certifikát
Toporo valašky

The handle is made of three planks cut into the basic shape. These planks are sticked conically together with a joiner glue and grippers. Then the rough shape was made by a planer. 

Afterwards it was ground, first by a dowlass to round edges, then by softer one to clean its surface. After pointing and grinding the cracks the Valaška was varnished.

The axe is made of steel plate of thichness 2,5 mm. First you need to make a paper model, which was tested out with the handle to see the final shape and proportions. Then you cut its cover and weld up (4,5 m in the crack). In the end the axe was filled by PUR foam so that it couldn´t sound in striking. 

    Foto u valašky
Měření valašky Finally a title was branded and two parts were connected together. 

The whole work took 120 hours.

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